About Binné

Binné was founded in 2019 by me, Katrine Binné, with the ambition to make sustainable wardrobe favourites one will treasure every day, all season, year after year. We all have that pair of pants or shirt, you just want to live in. That’s how I wanted each binné piece to make you feel.
Since the very beginning, I have wanted to do fashion differently. Binné does not mass produce, launch seasonal collections, keep stock, produce new fabrics, have waste, do sales etc. 
Binné does slow fashion
All our pieces are tailor-made in Denmark from vintage, leftover or deadstock fabrics. We make a piece, when one is ordered, and sometimes we repurpose reused fabrics into one-of-a-kinds, which we know, our loyal clients will love. We offer custom sizes and alterations to make sure, our designs will be worn and treasured for decades. Working many years in the fashion industry, I believe this is the future. 

Portrait by Rita Kuhlmann for Heartbeats