Slow Fashion

We believe in slow fashion. To us, this means designs you want to wear forever in high-quality reused materials that are handcrafted to last for decades.
We don't do bi-annual or quarterly collections, instead we add new designs to our small portofolio when it makes sense.
Most of our designs are made-to-order to make sure, we won't end up with piles of items, that'll never be used. Before you order any of our pieces, we hope you will stop and think it over: Will this be a wardrobe favourite you see yourself treasure for many years?
We are not sustainability experts, but we try to have as little waste as possible in everything we do. We almost never use new materials, and we tend to keep our production in Denmark. Our pieces are handcrafted from vintage, leftover or deadstock fabrics by our talented tailor and seamstress, who work five minutes on bicycle from our studio in Copenhagen.
Since we mainly sell our pieces online, we do offer (international) shipping, but we encourage you to stop by and pick up your order, if you are nearby.
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